I guess more information may help:

I’d say I’m predominantly an iOS developer, having built two apps from scratch, on my own. Both were clients for our payment/fx platform. All Swift, and an every so small amount of SwiftUI.

However, in the 5 years I’ve been in my current company, I’ve also worked on RESTful APIs using Spring Boot, along with other internal frameworks. I worked on our SSO solution that used Keycloak, and various micro services which formed our Open Banking/PSD2 solution.

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I’m now officially looking for a new job! So if anyone is looking for a Software Engineer, hit me up!

I can do iOS apps, but also have been working on SpringBoot APIs, micro services, and other cool things.

Remote work ideally, otherwise in London!

I watched a great episode of the Rich Roll podcast with neuroscientist Dr. Andrew Huberman. There was a lot that fascinated me, so I decided to write about the three I found most interesting.


@pete Thanks a lot!
I totally agree. And it's a feature that I think would make a lot of sense for Apple. Especially if they want to push the idea that an iPad is the only device needed to create a podcast.

@mike A regular digest email sounds very appealing to me, but I'd probably only do it if it was a more native feature of Ghost. I know if it's a manual process, I'd eventually get bored of it.

I don't imagine this will be popular either. But at least this way, it's just a single checkbox in the publishing process.

If you've read my blog before and wanted to just have the bigger pieces sent via email, then it may just be for you.

If you haven't read it before (most probably haven't), then feel free to browse - chrishannah.me

To subscribe via email, there's a link in the website sidebar, or you can go here - chrishannah.me/#/portal/signup

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I've finally used the email feature on my Ghost blog for the first time ever, to send out an individual blog post to subscribers.

I've previously used it for various short-lived newsletters. But now I'm transitioning it to become just another method of subscribing to the blog, other than RSS.

However, I will only be using it for "original" posts, not link-posts, or super-short reaction pieces. I don't want to start filling peoples inboxes with junk.

I just had over 70 sponsored posts in a row on Instagram (I only stopped because I got bored scrolling). The only thing that wasn’t a sponsored post was a small shopping section.
Something has gone wrong with that platform.

I couldn't just play around with one website today, so I've also now added a sidebar to my main blog (chrishannah.me). With some other changes such as switching to flexbox for the layout, h-card data, adjusted nav bar, and more links (in the sidebar).

Some more changes to my micro blog theme. It still needs some icons in a few places, and maybe some fun animated images. But I'm very happy with the overall design finally.


@retronav I've never been a big fan of grey backgrounds. Although I did just add a few more changes to make it a bit less bland.

Adding a sidebar to this design, also makes me want to add one to my main blog (chrishannah.me), so that may be something I work on soon as well.

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The pure black background was getting on my nerves a bit, so I've gone for white, and also chosen the one accent colour.
The next step is to add better support for h-card stuff in the sidebar, and probably some GIFs/icons throughout.

Okay, that's enough work on my new web 1 inspired micro blog theme for tonight.

Here are some screenshots of it's current form.


Here's an update with some colours added. The next step is to convert this into a real Hugo theme, and see how it looks with real posts.

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I'm currently working on the overall layout of the design. I have to say, there's something weirdly appealing about having really minimal styling.

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