I've finally used the email feature on my Ghost blog for the first time ever, to send out an individual blog post to subscribers.

I've previously used it for various short-lived newsletters. But now I'm transitioning it to become just another method of subscribing to the blog, other than RSS.

However, I will only be using it for "original" posts, not link-posts, or super-short reaction pieces. I don't want to start filling peoples inboxes with junk.

If you've read my blog before and wanted to just have the bigger pieces sent via email, then it may just be for you.

If you haven't read it before (most probably haven't), then feel free to browse -

To subscribe via email, there's a link in the website sidebar, or you can go here -

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@chris whenever I’ve contemplated a more formal email newsletter for @initialcharge, I kept coming back to the idea of a weekly or bi-weekly digest, of sorts, that combined everything I’ve published since the last one into a single email message. I would probably cut out any links that no longer felt timely, though.

But it always seemed like way more work than it would be worth. I offer a simple email subscriptions for posts already and it is not at all popular.

@mike A regular digest email sounds very appealing to me, but I'd probably only do it if it was a more native feature of Ghost. I know if it's a manual process, I'd eventually get bored of it.

I don't imagine this will be popular either. But at least this way, it's just a single checkbox in the publishing process.

@chris one thought I had to streamline the process was to use Shortcuts to grab all the relevant post content from my homepage and then I could paste it into whatever newsletter system I was using. But actually building that seems like it’s far more work than it would be worth considering my expectations about it’s popularity.

I also don’t really like email newsletters that much, so it’s just generally difficult for me to be motivated to build much around them.

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