I say it’s a battle. The correct answer will always be football.

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3 hours until the battle of Football vs Soccer begins.

I wrote about my experience using the Arc web browser for a month, and why I ultimately ended up moving back to Safari.


There’s some core part of me that prefers when websites keeps links in blue, and has visited links in purple.

I’ve obviously had different colours on my websites over the years. But there’s something “correct” about seeing a blue underlined link on the web.

I'm sure there may still be a few tweaks and additions, but the website redesign is essentially complete!


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I'm yet again redesigning my blog slightly. However, this time I started by building a rough design guide for common elements before I modified my Ghost theme.
It probably looks a bit stanard, but that's the style I'm aiming for at the moment.

I guess the only option is to tinker with my website until I think of something more useful. 😜

You can view the design currently here - chrishannah.me

I still think it works, but I’m always attracted back to less-styled websites. (Not sure how to explain that well, but maybe I’ll have some examples as I work on some pages.)

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I keep getting this desire to do some *real* programming.

At my day job I’ve been writing Java, which has been pretty boring to be honest, and I don’t really want to work on any iOS/macOS apps at the moment.

So I’m not quite sure what technology I want to work with, and I also don’t know what project to work on. 🤔

In my opinion, Mastodon isn't the end goal for social networking. It may just be the stepping stone for what could be the "social web".

What is more important is that this social web is based upon a standard like ActivityPub, where it allows different platforms (like Mastodon) to interact with each other.

A way to imagine it would be if Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIn, etc. were all based on the same technology. You join each platform, but at a fundamental level, they work interchangeably.

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The tricky bit is that it's logically decentralised in two ways. In that there is no central Mastodon instance, and there is no central ActivityPub implementation either.

Maybe there doesn't need to be a quick way to compare it to something else?

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I've been trying to come up with a better analogy for Mastodon to describe it in a relatable way. The best I've found is to compare Mastodon to email. Where Mastodon is the technology, and an instance being a provider of that technology.

However, maybe this is pedantic, but Mastodon isn't the fundamental technology. That's ActivityPub.

Sure, Mastodon is the most popular implementation right now. But I think it may be better to talk about ActivityPub more.

After not being in the office for a few weeks, and on holiday for just over a week, I’m back working and in the office tomorrow.
Of course, there were train strikes yesterday, which means tomorrows trains start 2 hours later than usual.

I'm giving this platform "one more try".
I couldn't bring myself to join another instance, so I decided to create my own (again) with the same username/domain as before.

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